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Here are some ideas that might get you brain-storming...

  • Daily outfit snaps with a rundown
  • Lolita relationships
  • Accessories or Clothing DIY tutorials
  • Reviews on books, movies, magazines, websites, etc
  • Embarrassing stories involving lolita
  • Hair and makeup advice
  • Photos from local events
  • Advice on traveling with lolita clothing
  • Questions for Alice Alice (askalice@sucreriemag.com)
  • Your Lolita inspired art
  • Short stories
  • Simple baking or cooking recipes
  • Your experiences and what you've learned from being a lolita
  • How you manage money
  • Building your wardrobe and buying you dream outfits
  • Your lolita decorated closet, bedroom, etc
  • All about meet-ups
  • Helping others understand lolita fashion
  • The history of some of the things today's lolita's enjoy

    And no more deadlines! Feel free to submit content whenever you like! webmaster@sucreriemag.com

    PS: Don't know what's going on with the magazine? Click here!
  • Sucrerie Magazine has officially been around for one year - the Winter 2009 issue is here!

    It's free to read!


    People who are planning to contribute for our upcoming issue - please get your submissions in as soon as possible!

    *We still have not had any outfit snap submissions!*

    Embarrassing stories (while wearing lolita), short stories, poems, book reviews, articles, etc are still wanted as well :)

    The deadline is Aug 24th!

    As always, please email: webmaster@sucreriemag.com

    Upcoming Fall Issue

    What we need: Reader art, outfit snaps, embarrassing stories (while wearing loltia), book review, any articles - especially ones that are Fall/colder weather themed!

    What we have: Where to buy steampunk lolita, spooky themed finds, guro, modern witches, seek & find contest, wearing lolita at work, second chapter of Violet Ichigo, artist spotlight, 5 creepy destinations, wigs

    Hope that gives you all a bit of insight ^_____^

    Jun. 17th, 2009

    If anyone wants to submit ideas or content, we are accepting submissions for our Fall issue! (Deadline is Aug 24th)
    Please send to webmaster@sucreriemag.com or post your article ideas here!


    A quick update for those who might still be interested in contributing for Issue #3 (deadline is May 24th):

    -We could still use one or two more images for our Art Gallery
    -In My Closet feature is still needed
    -We have a few ad spots left
    -Recipes, poems, short stories, articles, etc are all welcome


    *Note* A few of the items from the post below have been bumped to Issue #4

    WANTED for Issue #3

  • In My Closet: A featured lolita and her closet. Include photos of the closet, yourself, favorite items, etc and a written piece about you/your style.

  • Western Lolita Style Watch: A simple head to toe shot of yourself in your current favorite lolita outfit. Send it along with your name, age and location.

  • Your Thoughts on Our Last Issue: Leave a comment or send us a message. Please include your name, age and location (this information can be made up if you prefer)

  • DIY Craft Tutorial/Recipes: An original guide to a lolita related craft or recipe. Please include detailed steps with photos or illustrations.

  • Purikura Page: Sticker booth photos of you in lolita. Can be "fake" purikura made on your computer (http://puricute.com)

  • Reader Art: Lolita inspired artwork from our readers! Include your name and a link to where other readers can see more of your work.

    Please send to:


    I'm just writing this quickly off the top of my head. We'd also love to receive articles, short stories, poems, reviews and anything else!

    Items currently finished or working on: parlor cats, buying offbrand, macaroons, penpals, book review, featured musical artist, lolita makeover, cottages, summer styles, cafepress finds, current obessions (websites), featured designer, location to visit, letter from the editor, two photoshoots
  • *Rules*

    More or less this community is for potential contributors for Sucrerie Magazine.
    This is a place to discuss what you'd like to see, what you'd like to submit, etc.
    Entries are moderated because this is not a place to advertise sales or for off topic discussions.
    Use your head when posting. Swearing, racism, belittling people's ideas, etc will not be tolerated.

    Sound good? Start posting!! ♥