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Here are some ideas that might get you brain-storming...

  • Daily outfit snaps with a rundown
  • Lolita relationships
  • Accessories or Clothing DIY tutorials
  • Reviews on books, movies, magazines, websites, etc
  • Embarrassing stories involving lolita
  • Hair and makeup advice
  • Photos from local events
  • Advice on traveling with lolita clothing
  • Questions for Alice Alice (askalice@sucreriemag.com)
  • Your Lolita inspired art
  • Short stories
  • Simple baking or cooking recipes
  • Your experiences and what you've learned from being a lolita
  • How you manage money
  • Building your wardrobe and buying you dream outfits
  • Your lolita decorated closet, bedroom, etc
  • All about meet-ups
  • Helping others understand lolita fashion
  • The history of some of the things today's lolita's enjoy

    And no more deadlines! Feel free to submit content whenever you like! webmaster@sucreriemag.com

    PS: Don't know what's going on with the magazine? Click here!
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